Fall 2014 Update

The Christmas Shoporama is here in Vernon again in November.

I’m continuing to paint and getting ready for a couple more craft fairs in Kamloops. I just got my new 2015 calendars yesterday.

T’is the season to think of Christmas shopping!

Summer 2014 Update

WOW I disappeared again I’m sorry. Life just gets in the way. I had an email from an art galley in New York . What is that about with little ole me?

The Christmas Shoporama is here in Vernon again in November . I’m continuing to paint and just got more inspiration from a great trip to NovaScotia. My sister and caregiver took me east to visit my friend, Scott, and his family. Have a great summer everyone !

Happy New Years!

WOW I disappeared I’m sorry. Happy New Years. I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

For the first time in over 15 years I stayed in Vernon.

I was at a couple craft fairs in Kamloops and the Christmas Shoporama here in Vernon.

I’m continuing to paint and will be at Creative Chaos in June.

2014 Calendars Available

I hope everyone had a good summer. I spent time at Shuswap Lake.

Next years calendar is ready to go and for ten dollars can be yours.

In October we will be going to Victoria for a book signing event at Victoria General Hospital.

Creative Chaos Update

Thanks to everyone for coming to Creative Chaos. I’m busy painting to make a new calendar for next year. Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Creative Chaos!

Hope to see everyone at Creative Chaos in Vernon this weekend. It’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the rec center.

Upcoming TV Appearance

Famous? Ha. I hardly think so. However Linda, the Author, and I are going to be on TV in Kamloops in June for promoting our book.

Also in June is Creative Chaos. This is the largest craft fair in north Western Canada that takes place in Vernon. We will be selling our book and I will also have my art.

I have reduced all original paintings to under $60 and will also have calendars, prints, cards and fridge magnets.

Spring Update 2

Hi all,
I was visiting Victoria in March and I love the island. I started another painting today and I noticed how messy and unorganized my art room is getting. What do you do with the endless paints?

Spring Update

Hi there

I’m back to writing blogs. Our new book is out and I’ve finished a few new paintings.

I’m not at the Shoporama this weekend but hope to be at Creative Chaos in June.

New Website!

Hello everybody.
Welcome to my new website. After a short break, I’m back with new paintings, blogs more often and a new book just out.
The book includes my stroke and my travels.

Thank you to all at Creative Chaos!

Thank you to all the Creative Chaos crowds. It really was amazing. I’ve never experienced that before. Old and new faces brightened my weekend and I sold three original paintings.

Good News!

Want everyone to know I’m in Creative Chaos June 1, 2, 3; this weekend at the recreation center in Vernon. It’s the largest craft fair in Western Canada so if you’re in the area, come take a look. See link: www.creativechaoscrafts.com

New Email!

Hello everyone!

My email address has changed to michbrit@shaw.ca. Please email me if you have any questions, suggestions or requests.


Thank you to the Spring Shoporama shoppers.
This past weekend in Vernon I had a table at The Rec Center for the Spring
Shoporama. It makes long days for me but I enjoy meeting and talking with
people. It’s great exposure for me.

Happy New Year!

Well happy NewYear. It’s now February 3, 2012 I don’t know where the time goes.
I have moved to my own place and have had a friend helping me paint.
I only have a few calendars left and may have to get more.

New Additions to this Website!

New additions have been made!

5 more paintings have been added and Original Paintings are now for sale where stated under each painting (others have been sold already).

I hope you enjoy them!

2011 Calendar in October

Well I painted in February and March and now my art teacher is off again until August. Luckily the hip surgery went well. This gives me time to write and promote my book which should be ready in about six months. I will have a new calendar for 2011 by October.

Better Food in Facilities and Hospitals

I was going to leave this area about my painting however Im not painting for months. Im on a quest for better food in facilities and hospitals.

I dont understand how when people are sick and maybe needing more nutrition they are fed food with pesticides, preservatives and more salt of processed goods. Is this regulated at each facility, each health authority or provincially?

This has bothered me since I lived in Kelowna. Its the Okanagan where fresh produce is everywhere yet these places arent allowed to benefit. In assisted living people, residents, grew their own produce but the main kitchen is not allowed to use it. Shouldnt people be given a sense of contribution and usefulness?

With an aging population facilities will become more prominent and better food is necessary. In such a time when everybody is liable and there is fear of ecoli or listeria outbreaks, arent farms regulated enough to protect us?

New painting in March

My art teacher had hip surgery so I probably wont have a new painting until March. With these paintings I make cards, prints and calendars to sell. I also have started selling my original paintings.

Welcome to my website

I now have a means to publicly show my paintings.

All my life Ive enjoyed art and being creative. As a kid I loved colouring books and making crafts.

After my stroke I never imagined I could have a real creative outlet. With the use of a sling to hold the weight of my arm and the help of an art teacher to steady my hand, I paint landscapes.

I love water and I hope that comes across in my painting.

Eventually I will have an online store to share my creations.