Better Food in Facilities and Hospitals

I was going to leave this area about my painting however Im not painting for months. Im on a quest for better food in facilities and hospitals.

I dont understand how when people are sick and maybe needing more nutrition they are fed food with pesticides, preservatives and more salt of processed goods. Is this regulated at each facility, each health authority or provincially?

This has bothered me since I lived in Kelowna. Its the Okanagan where fresh produce is everywhere yet these places arent allowed to benefit. In assisted living people, residents, grew their own produce but the main kitchen is not allowed to use it. Shouldnt people be given a sense of contribution and usefulness?

With an aging population facilities will become more prominent and better food is necessary. In such a time when everybody is liable and there is fear of ecoli or listeria outbreaks, arent farms regulated enough to protect us?

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